Stichting DDA Flight Support: General Conditions of Transport – July 2021
Short English version, for passengers' convenience only; the Dutch language full version is binding

DDA Classic Airlines has commissioned DDA Flight Support to operate the flights of its DC-3 Dakota.
Since 14-05-2019 DDA Flight Support ("DDA") operates the flights under AOC (Air Operator Certificate).

Transport agreement

The purchase of a ticket for a DDA flight forms a transport agreement between the passenger and DDA whereby these General Conditions of Transport are applicable.
These are published on the website and can be obtained by mail upon request. A short version is printed on the flight ticket.

General Conditions of Transport
1. Booking of flights

Tickets for a DDA flight can be booked on the website, by e-mail or by phone.
The booking will be definite after DDA has confirmed acceptation and after the payment has been received by DDA.

2. Scope of the General Conditions

The General Conditions of DDA Flight Support apply to passengers and their luggage on a DDA flight, whether it be paid or free of charge, including any services connected to the flight.

3. Ticket

The document entitled "Ticket" and/or the electronic ticket, issued by DDA, is proof of the transport agreement and is not transferable to any other person than the person on whose name it is issued.

4. Checking in

In order to perform the obligatory formalities and travel procedures in time for the flight the passenger must have at his disposal the necessary travel documents. The passenger must report to the check-in counter and at the gate at the time indicated by DDA. If the passenger does not show up in time DDA has the right to cancel the booking and is not held to delay the flight or to reimburse the ticket fare; DDA will not be responsible for any ensuing costs to the passenger.

5. Changing of flight schedules

Times and places mentioned in the Ticket, the flight schedule or elsewhere can not be guaranteed, due to the nature of the historic aircraft or circumstances beyond the control of DDA, such as operational, technical or safety considerations, among which weather conditions, instructions by air traffic control and strikes of airport personnel. Costs that passengers incur due to cancellation or delay of a flight will not be reimbursed by DDA.

6. Cancellation of flights

6.1. By DDA:
       DDA can decide to cancel a flight in situations beyond the control of DDA and other serious
       circumstances. Flights are dependent on the operational usability of the unique aircraft and the
       weather conditions, the availability of specially trained crew and a minimum of passengers. In
       that case the fare paid will be reimbursed by DDA.
       If such circumstances occur during the flight DDA will do its utmost to ensure a safe and speedy
       return of the aircraft and its passengers to the point of origin. In that case the fare paid for the
       part of the flight that is not flown will be reimbursed by DDA in as much as DDA does not incur
       costs due to such cancellation.
6.2. By the passenger: When cancelling his booking the passenger is due:
       - up to 28 days before departure: 15% of the fare paid with a minimum of € 50;
       - from day 28 up to day 5 before departure: 50% of the fare paid;
       - from day 5 up to day 1 before departure: 75% of the fare paid and
       - on departure day: 100% of the fare paid.

7. Luggage

There is no luggage service at airports for DDA flights.
The passenger is allowed to take on board only objects of minimal size and weight, such as a
handbag, photo and film or video equipment and a coat.
Electronic devices such as mobile phone, laptop, radio, iPod are to be set on airplane mode.
Moving aids such as walkers and wheel chairs can be taken only with DDA approval.
It is strictly forbidden to take on board dangerous or forbidden goods and animals; passengers are to
check with DDA personnel if they have any doubts about this regulation.

8. Liability

8.1. Liability for passengers and their belongings under this transport agreement is subject to the
       provisions of Titel 16 Boek 8 of the Dutch Civil Code (Burgerlijk Wetboek): Operation of aircraft,
       except when Verordening (EG) nr. 2027/97 of the European Council concerning the liability of air
       transporters in case of accidents, as revised by Ruling (EG) nr. 889/2002 of the European
       Parliament and the Council of May 13, 2002 (PbEG L140), is applicable.
8.2. The conditions and restrictions on liability which DDA can invoke, if the damage is not caused by
       DDA, are applicable on any persons that are involved in the preparation for and the operation of
       the flight, including cockpit and cabin crew, volunteers and employees of DDA and their agents,
       in as far as those persons demonstrably acted in the performance of their assigned duties.
8.3. DDA will not be responsible for any ill effects of the flight to pregnant or sick people; the
       passenger travels on his own responsibility.
8.4. The passenger is obliged to take measures in order to avoid or restrict imminent danger of
      damage to persons or goods.

9. Claims

Any complaint, protest or claim is to be made to DDA in writing immediately upon discovery.

By accepting these Conditions the passenger declares to be made aware of the following facts:
- The DC-3 Dakota was designed in the mid 1930's, but the maintenance and flight operation of
  DDA's DC-3 are done at the highest safety and security standards.
- Flights of DDA's DC-3 Dakota, flying under the Dutch "Regeling Historische Luchtvaart", are
  operated under strict European and Dutch safety rules and regulations.

Each passenger is supposed to have read these General Conditions before departure of the flight.