Gift card

Surprise someone with a gift card, redeemable for a flight with our Royal DC-3 Dakota. 



You can determine the value of a gift voucher yourself. Half-hour sightseeing flights are available from € 135.00
per person. For this amount you not only make a sightseeing flight, but you also get a presentation of the history
of the plain and the technology, a walk around on the platform with the pilots, a flight certificate, a 'Logbook'
magazine and a small souvenir of your flight. We call that the Dakota Experience.

In the flight program, longer or destination flights are included in addition to half-hour sightseeing flights.

The flights take place from Schiphol-East, Lelystad, Rotterdam, Groningen and Maastricht Airport.

The gift card can be ordered at:

Secretary DDA Classic Airlines
Telephone: (+31)(0)20 6481508
Available by phone from Monday through Thursday during office hours.
Other days only available by email info@ddagroup.nl.