Become a Friend and book your flight directly

Below you will find our flight plan and as a Friend of DDA you can instantly book the flight of your choice. DDA flies under the Historic Aviation Regulation. The government has determined by the Historic Aviation Regulation that only donors, friends and sponsors may fly with historic planes. By the purchase of your ticket you become a 'Friend of DDA' for 1 year.

Private Donation
Donorship (valid only for one year) of DDA Classic Airlines, to the amount of € 10,- is included in the ticket price.

Friend of DDA
You can also become a good 'Friend' of DDA Classic Airlines for € 75,- per year. This will contribute to the preservation of the DC-3 Dakota as flying Dutch Heritage. You will receive our bi-monthly magazine 'Logboek' (Dutch) and receive a discount on the flights.

Flightplan 2017
You will find our Flightplan for 2017 below and as a Friend of DDA Classic Airlines you can book your flight right away.