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DDA Flight Support flies under the regime of the so-called Rules Historic Aviation, a by-law specifically designed for historic planes, like our DC-3. This implies that the Dutch Aviation Authorities allow DDA to fly exclusively with Donors and Friends of DDA, sponsors and their invitees as passengers.

Donors/ contributors
The Donor or contributor of DDA Classic Airlines supports the Foundation to meet the organisation cost. This status is maintained for 12 months and the minimum fee is € 10. To fly with the DC-3 the Donor/contributor pays the amount as mentioned in the flight schedule to cover the operational cost of the flight, which includes the € 10 donor fee.

Friend of DDA
We much prefer all our guests to become a Friend of DDA for an annual amount of € 75.  A Friend supports the DDA Foundation for organisation costs and receives a discount of € 25 per booking on our flights. He also receives the bi-monthly magazine 'Logboek' about historic aviation in general and DDA in particular. Friends have access to the pages for Friends only on the DDA website with news items and photography of the DC-3.

For sponsors DDA makes tailor-made flight programmes. The sponsor supports the organisation with an annual financial amount and when flying with their invitees the sponsor contributes to the cost of the flight.

Flight Plan
Our flying season starts in April and ends the last weekend of October. The flight plan for 2018 is published below.
This year we will fly not only from Lelystad Airport but also from different airports like Schiphol, Rotterdam, Groningen and Maastricht. Additionally, visits to German airports are scheduled.

Donors/contributors, Friends of DDA and sponsors are invited to make a reservation for their choice of flight and pay the mentioned contribution to the flying cost with the module on the website.