DDA publishes flight program 2017

April 28, 2017


Fly in 2017 as a Friend, Private Donor or
Company Sponsor with our Royal DC-3
Dakota named Princess Amalia and help
maintain this unique flying heritage.

DDA Classic Airlines is a volunteer
organization that, thanks to Friends and
Sponsors' support, keeps this Royal DC-3
Dakota in the air.

DDA Classic Airlines will offer a comprehensive and varied flight program in 2017. The often special round
trips depart not only from Schiphol, but also from Rotterdam The Hague Airport, Groningen Airport Eelde,
Maastricht Aachen Airport and even from the recently refurbished Enschede Airport Twente.
In addition to the various round trips over the Netherlands, there are also special theme flights such as the
Dutch waterline, Delta Works, Market Garden, Castle route and Hanzesteden.

We will also visit various events in Germany this year, such as the 100th anniversary of Lübeck Airport, the
day of aviation in Nuremberg and the airport festival in Münster.

In the Pentecost weekend we start the flight season with a visit to the Airshow Oostwold, which again promises
to be a beautiful spectacle. (Link to website airshow)

See how you can book a flight as a Friend of DDA Classic Airlines.