November 8, 2014


On October 21st 2014, DDA Classic Airlines received the Air Operator Certificate (EASA-OPS-AOC) by the National Safety Authority (IL&T) as the first historical airline in the world. This was based on delivered documentation. DDA can now continue flying commercial flights, just like KLM and Transavia. 'This is unique in the world for a historical airline, and something we are very proud of', as spoken by Lex van Houtert, board member of the company who manages Operation.

DDA used to fly under the EU-OPS certificate, however the European Commission decided that also commercial historical airlines have to comply with the new regulations of EASE-OPS, as set up by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA).

The achievement of the EASA-OPS-AOC is a recognition of the professionalism of DDA Classic Airlines regarding Van Houtert. 'The regulations are focused on operation of airplanes which were designed the last 4 decades. The DC-3, the aircraft that DDA uses, is not just older (designed in the thirties, manufactured in 1944), it is also operated and maintained by volunteers. It is an outstanding performance to fulfil the strict European regulations under these circumstances.'

The EASA-OPS-AOC is essential for operating an historical airline. DDA Classic Airline is now capable of carrying out the sightseeing, theme or destination flights. Not just above The Netherlands, but also within Europe. During the flying season, from April to November, the DC-3 will operate between 100 and 150 hours and about 2000 passengers will enjoy flying these historical flights. At the beginning of 2015, the flight plan for the next season will be published on the website. For those who are interested the tickets will be sold online.

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