Explore our Royal DC-3 PH-PBA in VR!

January 15, 2020

World's first Virtual Reality scan of a DC-3 Dakota!

Explore here the Virtual Reality scan

Near the end of 2019, a VR (Virtual Reality) scan was made of the DC-3 Dakota (PH-PBA). This was made possible by the team that scanned all KLM aircraft types. A project that lasted 9 months.

What is a VR scan?
A VR scan is a virtual tour on a whole new level. By means of VR glasses, for example, you can experience the cockpit and cabin of the PH-PBA in a "real-world" perspective, without having to be on the plane yourself. It is also possible to view the virtual tour on a normal computer, television or telephone screen.
The VR scan can also be used as a reference for aircraft maintenance. But many other types of objects can be scanned for various purposes. For example, a property that is for sale so that it is visible for potential buyers. Or training sessions given at the (airport) Fire Department.

The PH-PBA is currently the only DC-3 Dakota in the world that has been scanned with a VR camera.

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