Our PBA finally flying

August 8, 2017


After some bad luck and delay in the modification, our Royal DC-3 Dakota will finally be flying again.

With a new floor and 18 new seats, the PBA flies from Schiphol on Saturday, 19 August, to Sweden
for a sponsored promotion flight with her Swedish spouse SE-CFP 'Diasy'. Tuesday August 22nd,
our "Princess Amalia" returns to Schiphol. Saturday, August 26th, we finally start the regular flight
program with a ferry flight to Maastricht.

From Maastricht Aachen Airport we make two short round trips of 30 minutes on Saturday and Sunday
to the Heuvelland and the Maasplassen. At the end of the afternoon, a longer flight of an hour will follow
above the border region.

For all our Friends who have been waiting a few months for the familiar Dakota sound a beautiful
opportunity for a unique flying experience, and at the same time try out our new chairs.

See what flights we have planned for our Friends in the coming months and fly with us.